Squad Community,

Today, we’re sharing that we have made the difficult decision to discontinue Squad as a separate mobile app by March 2021.

First off, we want to be transparent about why we’re making this decision, especially to those of you who are active and passionate users of Squad today. The truth…

Anyone that takes whatever others use, prefer, or like, as a personal attack against what they themselves use, prefer, or like is weird.

People have preferences, they have opinions. Someone may stick to a certain brand of socks because they’ve had great experiences with that brand. There may be loyalty built up by someone based on what they used when growing up, what their family liked the best, or just because it was the first thing that caught there attention.

There isn’t a war being waged against brands, bands, or just that one flavor or tea you really like. Another person can really dislike what you may love, or they might just not even like it at all out of apathy, not out of distaste.

It’s just part of being human.

Kyle Gray

Technology enthusiast. Often sarcastic.

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